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Technology Assessment

This survey aims to assess the needs, pain points, and technology usage of nonprofit organizations.


The Salesforce Impact Score reflects how much your organization could benefit from implementing Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. It's calculated by assigning point values to each answer you provide in the Needs Assessment Survey.

For each question in the survey, you either responded to a picklist choice or entered a number. Each of those options and number ranges was assigned a specific point value based on its potential impact on your nonprofit's success with Salesforce. Your responses to each question were then totaled up to give you a score for each category. The overall impact score takes the average of the all the categories.


If you complete the needs assessment survey before 7/30/2023 and meet the requirements below, you qualify for the pro bono (donated) Salesforce implementation or upgrade drawing. If selected, the implementation includes:

  1. Discovery call to understand your organization's mission, goals, and pain points.

  2. Application assistance to obtain your 10 free Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud licenses through the Power of Us Program, if you're not already using Salesforce.

  3. Requirement gathering call to get specific requirements on how your Salesforce instanced needs to be built or improved.

  4. Salesforce implementation, customization, and training for the organization.

  5. Total Value: $3000 or 30 hours (desired scope beyond that will be the responsibility of the selected organization)


To qualify for the pro bono (donated) Salesforce implementation or upgrade, you must do the following:

  1. Be a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization in the United States.

  2. Complete all questions and opt-in.

  3. Agree to follow-up communication with Ascend NPO.


The survey is organized into five different areas that Salesforce could have an impact on your organization:

  1. Fundraising

  2. Marketing & Engagement

  3. Program Management

  4. Grant Management

  5. Volunteer Management


Within each of those categories, there are two types of questions: fixed response and open-ended.

  1. Fixed response questions are structured with picklist options, where each response has an associated value assigned to it. These options allow you to select the most relevant choice that aligns with your organization's current practices or preferences.

  2. Open-ended questions provide an opportunity for you to enter a numerical value within a specified range. The points assigned to these responses are based on where the input falls within that range. This allows for a more tailored assessment of your organization's specific circumstances.

In addition to the category-specific questions, there are three initial questions that assess more general details about your organization. The points allocated from these responses are evenly distributed among the five categories to ensure a balanced representation of your organization's overall characteristics.

To determine the impact score for each category, the points from the corresponding questions are added together. This score reflects the potential benefit of implementing Salesforce in that particular area of your organization.

Finally, the overall Salesforce Impact Score is calculated by taking the average of all the category scores. This comprehensive score provides an indication of the overall potential benefits your organization could experience by adopting Salesforce.
By considering both the category-specific scores and the overarching impact score, you can gain valuable insights into the areas where Salesforce may bring the most value and guide your decision-making process.


We're always trying to improve and add more value to nonprofits. Therefore, if you have additional questions or feedback regarding the score, feel free to email us at

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