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Salesforce Program & Case Management

Standardize on your program and case management tracking.

What is Program & Case Management?

Our Salesforce Program Management solutions enable nonprofit organizations to streamline their processes, improve communication, and optimize service delivery. This platform is a powerful tool for managing programs, tracking client data, and ensuring that services are delivered efficiently and effectively.


Our Case Management solutions are designed to help nonprofits maximize their impact by providing a comprehensive approach to case management, including tracking client progress, monitoring outcomes, and ensuring that critical information is captured and used to guide decision-making.

Program & Case Management Features


Track program delivery and demographic data of clients

Monitor constituent engagement with programs and report on your impact

Track individual clients with client snapshots, client search, and client notes.

Measure and analyze inbound and outbound referrals

Create internal and external intake forms that automatically feed into Salesforce

Clients can sign agreements and releases, directly from Salesforce

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