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Partner Program

Let's team up to make a greater impact on the world

Partner Program Overview

At Ascend NPO, we believe in partnering with other for-profit and non-profit organizations to help each other grow and succeed. Our Partner Program is intended to share referrals with one with approved organizations, so both parties can enjoy the benefits.

For-Profit Partners

We will share a portion of revenue from referrals in perpetuity.

Non-Profit Partners

We will donate a portion of revenue from referrals in perpetuity.

How it Works

Step 1: Apply for the partner program
To get started, apply for our partner program by completing this form. We will review your application and follow-up with next steps.


Step 2: Spread the word
Share your partnership with new and existing clients.


Step 3: Track your referrals (coming soon!)
You can log in to your referral account on our website to track your referral activity. You will be able to see the number of successful referrals and the shared revenue you have earned.


Step 4: Share revenue
For every successful referral who enters in an agreement for our services, you will earn a portion of the revenue in perpetuity. The more referrals you bring, the more you earn!

Interested in becoming a partner?

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